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Comfort Africa is a Ministry that seeks to transform the lives of the most vulnerable and at risk children in communities. Our Vision is to create a society where the African child is free from all kinds of social injustices and abuse such as being deprived of Education, emotional abuse, psychological torture among others.

Our Mission is to minister the unconditional love of God to the vulnerable hurting hearts of vulnerable, abused and neglected children through education sponsorship, relationship building, guidance and counseling enabling them to know that they are very important and their value cannot be measured to anything in this world.

Back Ground.
Having grown up in community where absolute poverty is seen as normal in a slum area seeing how poverty has affected so many people in our community from progressing in life, seeing so many intelligent young people drop out of school and driven to prostitution, drug addiction, theft and robbery etc due to lack of financial support to attain education and lead appealing lives, Having seen how single women, widowed women and even the married women! Struggle to make ends meet for their families! Seeing, hearing and listening to unbelievably live life stories of how very young fragile and vulnerable girls are sent off to become house maids at the expense of their sexual security!, seeing how many girls are lured from villages to the city to look for jobs only to end up as helpless defenseless exploited prostitutes at the tender ages of 13!! The ugly stories of children being abused, used and exploited lead to the birth of Comfort Africa.
Comfort Africa, was formed to help curb the challenge of dropping out of school due to absolute poverty and parental/guardian negligience. The organization identifies young people and children at the range of dropping out of school or who have dropped out of school, encourages young people to use their natural skills and easy to do hand economic activities to enable them raise funds to support them in school.
We make hand crafts, paper beads, envelopes, books, African fabric designed bags etc for sale and the proceeds enable the children and young people attain education and also fend for themselves other than engaging in prostitution and being law breakers as a result of being idle and disorderly.

·         We offer education sponsorship for children in need of education, school drop outs and those deprived of education by their parents/guardians.
·         We solicit from community, friends and well wishers scholastic materials that these children use every school term through donations and fundraising Music concerts for charity.
·         We empower care takers to be self reliant through entrepreneurial skills training such as paper bead making, liquid soap making, Candle making, envelope making and making books.
·         We counsel children with traumatic experiences through our counseling programs and sessions.
·         Through school outreach programs, we create awareness of issues that affect children such as child trafficking and sacrifice the role of children in environmental conservation, reproductive health and media among others.
·         We listen to every story of every child because we believe that listening is one way of healing!
 If you would like to be of support to Comfort Africa through donations in terms of scholastic materials, school fees or any other kind of donation, Please feel free to contact us on the address below.

P O Box 31429

Tel: +256702969462/+256782969462


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