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Comfort Africa is a Ministry that seeks to transform the lives of the most vulnerable and at risk children in communities. Our Vision is to create a society where the African child is free from all kinds of social injustices and abuse such as being deprived of Education, emotional abuse, psychological torture among others.

Our Mission is to minister the unconditional love of God to the vulnerable hurting hearts of vulnerable, abused and neglected children through education sponsorship, relationship building, guidance and counseling enabling them to know that they are very important and their value cannot be measured to anything in this world.

Back Ground.
Having grown up in community where absolute poverty is seen as normal in a slum area seeing how poverty has affected so many people in our community from progressing in life, seeing so many intelligent young people drop out of school and driven to prostitution, drug addiction, theft and robbery etc due to lack of financial support to attain education and lead appealing lives, Having seen how single women, widowed women and even the married women! Struggle to make ends meet for their families! Seeing, hearing and listening to unbelievably live life stories of how very young fragile and vulnerable girls are sent off to become house maids at the expense of their sexual security!, seeing how many girls are lured from villages to the city to look for jobs only to end up as helpless defenseless exploited prostitutes at the tender ages of 13!! The ugly stories of children being abused, used and exploited lead to the birth of Comfort Africa.
Comfort Africa, was formed to help curb the challenge of dropping out of school due to absolute poverty and parental/guardian negligience. The organization identifies young people and children at the range of dropping out of school or who have dropped out of school, encourages young people to use their natural skills and easy to do hand economic activities to enable them raise funds to support them in school.
We make hand crafts, paper beads, envelopes, books, African fabric designed bags etc for sale and the proceeds enable the children and young people attain education and also fend for themselves other than engaging in prostitution and being law breakers as a result of being idle and disorderly.

·         We offer education sponsorship for children in need of education, school drop outs and those deprived of education by their parents/guardians.
·         We solicit from community, friends and well wishers scholastic materials that these children use every school term through donations and fundraising Music concerts for charity.
·         We empower care takers to be self reliant through entrepreneurial skills training such as paper bead making, liquid soap making, Candle making, envelope making and making books.
·         We counsel children with traumatic experiences through our counseling programs and sessions.
·         Through school outreach programs, we create awareness of issues that affect children such as child trafficking and sacrifice the role of children in environmental conservation, reproductive health and media among others.
·         We listen to every story of every child because we believe that listening is one way of healing!
 If you would like to be of support to Comfort Africa through donations in terms of scholastic materials, school fees or any other kind of donation, Please feel free to contact us on the address below.

P O Box 31429

Tel: +256702969462/+256782969462


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Meet Faith Nasuuna, an eight year old lovely little girl. She has been affected by HIV, rejected by her dad, and now satsy with her unemployed mum and very old and likewise very vulnerable grand mother. Faith now has one sponsor for education, and needs another $30 a month for upkeep, feeding and shelter.

Meet Edwin Byamukama 9yrs old. He hahs been orphaned by HIV and his status is not very clear. He stays with his mother, a casual labourer at a printery in Kampala. We can only afford to give Edwin scholastic materials for school. however, with $30 a month, Edwin can acquire a better education in a better school, and better feeding that will improve his health.

This is Aisha N. She is 6 yrs old and in Primary 1. She comes from a very poor family of six children. Aisha's mum sells vegetables for a leaving, and her father is a casual labourer. We believe that for her parents to be able to educate their children and feed them and give them a better life, taking a chilkd off their burden will help. with only $30, you will help a family afford atleast one meal a day by supporting their extra child.

This is 4 yr old Desire. she lives with her mum, formerly a drunkard, and is in the process of transforming her life. She is a school drop out and has no job at the moment. They lead and live every day of their life by faith. They live in a house as small at 1.5X2 METERS. Your support to Desire would enable her grow in a more conducive enviroment with food, a better shelter and a better education.

 Gift Mekede is 10yrs old in Primary3. Born to a family of eight children and living with their mum and step dad who gives them no support at all. Their mother looks for building sites and cooks food for the builders as a way of earning a living. The live from hand to mouth, school fees and book materials for the six children who belong to a different man is not easy. WITH YOUR $30, Gifts life will be made better.
 Toepista Nakirya is 11 yrs old and in primary 6. She is an orphan who lost both parents to an unknown sickness. She currently stays with a guardian who her self gets a meagre pay and can not sufficiently provide for Nakirya. Your support toward this little girlas education shall be higly appreciated.
 Edwin Muhulizi 12 is an orphan staying with his mother Rose Aroora who vends used clothes on the streets of Kampala. Currently, all street vendors in the city were asked to leave the street and this has affected Edwin's mother's income. Edwin has one sponsor enabling him access a better education. Your support towars Edwin's food, shelter and clothing with improve their living standard.
 Noeline Kabagonza 9 lives with her mother. She performs all the house chores as her mother goes to look for money to support the family, i remember one incident when a young man came knocking at my door past 1:00am one morning.
Dressed in a sleevless dress, feeling so cold, looking so pale and hungry was Noeline. Her mother had gone to look for money and hadnt come back till that time! and had locked the little girl out, any thing could have happened to her, she could have been abused, or even attacked by thugs, defiled or sacrifised!!! We thank God who led this good samaritan to her and brought her to a safe plae where she could get a snack to eat and a cup of tea to warm her up, and a place to rest her head to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gift Saki has a smile that could easily drawn you up! This little amazing lovely 10 year old was born with HIV, and is currently on drugs. She and three other siblings were born with the disease and have been living with their surviving mother, living and feeding from hand to mouth which affected their health.

Recently, a good samaritan picked Gift and is offering her good meals and care, and Comfort Africa offered to take care of her education needs. with $30, Gift can be transfered to a better school with better services.

Alot more of our children details are coming, we shall keep you posted. Good night/good morning for now

Touching Hearts, Transforming Lives


Comfort Africa Ltd

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Contact Person
Mrs. Beatrice Nabulwala Oburu
Managing Director Comfort Africa
P O Box 9491 Kampala Uganda
Contact Person 2
Ms. Abello Suzan Okae
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Tel: +256-782 -969462
Contact Person 3
Pr. Martin Ochieng Ngollah
Harvest Vision Africa
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Comfort Africa is a Christian based organization operating in Uganda with its head quarters in Kampala. Comfort Africa grew out of a weekly fellowship of young women in 2007. During the fellowships, the young women used to worship together, pray and intercede for one another, their country, friends and family, communities, ministry and share the word of God together. These young women then felt a conviction to change hearts and transform lives of the most vulnerable people in communities, putting emphasis on the children in need and at the greatest risk in Uganda and Africa

Comfort Africa Vision: To create a society where the African child lives in comfort, free from social evils and injustices.

Comfort AfricaMission: To Nurture the African Child in a loving Christian based relationship as a way of promoting pro-poor values and upholding social justice issues.

Comfort Africa Objectives include the following among others:

a.       Advance strategies to protect children from physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse.

b.      Reach out to children at risk by ministering the unconditional love of God to hurting hearts.

c.       To satisfy the information needs of the local people by devising practical strategies through which information technologies (IT) are made accessible and stable in rural communities.

d.      To promote intergenerational learning where the young and the old can share ideas and learn from each other through dialogue, electronic discussion boards, music, dance and drama, art and craft.

e.       Support women, children, and grandparents living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

f.        Create a platform and generate ideas to help reduce the HIV/AIDS prevalence particularly among the African girl children.

g.       Increase literacy levels and education through IT strategies and facilities to the rural African children in need.

h.      promote inter-generational learning where the young and the old can share ideas and learn from each other through dialogue, electronic discussion boards, music, dance and drama, art and crafts

i.        To Network with other organizations that share Comfort Africa values and ideology.

j.        To provide basic housing care, rehabilitation, education and bible training to street children leading to reintegration in to the community.

k.      To mobilize Christians through seminars and sensitization programmes towards the noble task of bettering the lives of the less priviledges in our societies by contributing to their resources and potentials towards the same..

l.        To afford help for the needy as far as the limits of our potentials can ebanble us visit the sick, prisoners, comfort the afflicted, help in the rehabilitation of prisoners, promiote Christian works of mercy and widen the frontiers of knowledge.

m.    To print and publish news papers, periodicals, books or leaflets which the association may think desirable for the promotion of the objectives of the association.

n.      To acquire land and buildings for the carrying out of such projects and other projects that will be decided and approved by the organization.

o.      To sell, manage, lease mortgages, dispose of or otherwise deal with all or part of the property of the organization.

p.      To start up an orphanage to provide a home for the children who become orphans as a result of child abuse, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and any other natural disasters.

q.      To improve the quality of rural youths, orphans, children with disabilities lives through provision of training skills that help them to start a job/business, earn an income and be self reliant.

r.        To provide counseling to the children especially the orphans, children with disabilities, adolescents and youths about sexual promiscuity and drug abuse.


The primary beneficiaries of Comfort Africa are most vulnerable orphaned children at risk in communities. Other beneficiaries are the vulnerable youth and women, grandmothers struggling with life, people, both children and the elderly with disabilities.

Comfort Africa Values:

The values of Comfort Africa are based on the principles of:

(a)                Love

(b)               Service beyond self

(c)                Courage

(d)               Integrity

(e)                Respect

(f)                 Team work

(g)                Empathy

(h)               Unity in Diversity

(i)                 Dependability

(j)                 Innovations and Creativity


Comfort Africa has four  major programs and they include following.

Child Care and Education Program:

This program entails nurturing the children in a loving Christian family, bringing them up to be happy and cheerful little soldiers of the most high, and providing education services, empowering them to lead better lives. The child care and education program will reintegrate the most vulnerable children in to families where the love of God is ministered to them, enabling the children to overcome all the fears and social injustices they have gone through through encouragement, counseling, and ministering the Love of God to them..

The program also offers quality education to the children, giving them a foundation to be effective competitors with all the other people of the world as the world today is very competitive and education is one factor that enables people to succeed in life.

 At the moment,, Comfort Africa is sponsoring 20 under privileged children from a very poor background. These children are attached to different schools in their communities. Our Vision is to have a school where all our children study together in one vicinity, supporting and encouraging each other in this life.

The Child Sponsorship Program:

In the child sponsorship program, we look out for individuals, groups of people, or organizations that can partner with us in the upbringing of the children through sponsoring a child or children’s basic needs such as education, food, shelter and clothing among others. Whosover partners with us in this venture plays a very critical role in building the Kingdom of God, and enable a child to leav and lead a comfortable life free from This world’s social injustices.

Alive and Healthy Program:

The Alive and Healthy program entails different activities such as healthy living sensitization, nutrition sensitization for first child young mothers, hospital outreach and evangelism, community health outreach were communities shall be granted free health services. The Alive and healthy program also includes sensitization of communities especially the youth’s on sexual reproductive health through school outreach, community outreach, awareness creation and sensitization.

This program grew out of the need to create awareness on health issues in communities. In rural communities, many people mistake cancers for witchcraft, and never seek medical advice until the cancers have reached a fatal state. Many youth’s think that abstinence is an old fashioned lifestyle and therefore need to be made aware of the value of virginity and abstinence.

Economic Empowerment Program

The Economic Empowerment Program (EEP) entails empowering the youths, women and people with disabilities economically through training beneficiaries with income generating skills.


The following are the activities that Comfort Africa has performed so far.


Comfort Africa is currently supporting 20 children, offering them scholastic materials, and education service. The children are maintained in the schools around the community, or the schools nearest to the children so that they can always travel back home safely. We look out for partners who can work with us to offer scholastic materials and support a child or children with school dues.

Hospital Outreach:

Comfort Africa has performed hospital outreach and evangelism in Mulago Hospital Kampala. We go to hospitals, pray for the sick, evangelize the gospel, lead the people to Christ, encourage them, and offer some food items to the patients.

Youth Empowerment:

In partnership with Harvest Vision Church, a one day youth empowerment seminar was held, empowering youth to become self confident, think big and realize their potential to do exploits in the Kingdom of God and in the competitive world.

School Outreach:

Comfort Africa has conducted school outreach in schools especially secondary schools preaching the gospel of God, and empowering the youths to be better people.

Economic Empowerment:

Comfort Africa has supported women economically, encouraging women to make paper beads that Comfort Africa buys from them then sells off the beads to support the 20 children that CA is currently taking care of.


Comfort Africa believes in the power of partners and networks. We are open to individuals and groups that would like to partner with us to support this call/Vision of nurturing the marginalized communities and children, and comforting them with the love of our father God.