Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Meet Faith Nasuuna, an eight year old lovely little girl. She has been affected by HIV, rejected by her dad, and now satsy with her unemployed mum and very old and likewise very vulnerable grand mother. Faith now has one sponsor for education, and needs another $30 a month for upkeep, feeding and shelter.

Meet Edwin Byamukama 9yrs old. He hahs been orphaned by HIV and his status is not very clear. He stays with his mother, a casual labourer at a printery in Kampala. We can only afford to give Edwin scholastic materials for school. however, with $30 a month, Edwin can acquire a better education in a better school, and better feeding that will improve his health.

This is Aisha N. She is 6 yrs old and in Primary 1. She comes from a very poor family of six children. Aisha's mum sells vegetables for a leaving, and her father is a casual labourer. We believe that for her parents to be able to educate their children and feed them and give them a better life, taking a chilkd off their burden will help. with only $30, you will help a family afford atleast one meal a day by supporting their extra child.

This is 4 yr old Desire. she lives with her mum, formerly a drunkard, and is in the process of transforming her life. She is a school drop out and has no job at the moment. They lead and live every day of their life by faith. They live in a house as small at 1.5X2 METERS. Your support to Desire would enable her grow in a more conducive enviroment with food, a better shelter and a better education.

 Gift Mekede is 10yrs old in Primary3. Born to a family of eight children and living with their mum and step dad who gives them no support at all. Their mother looks for building sites and cooks food for the builders as a way of earning a living. The live from hand to mouth, school fees and book materials for the six children who belong to a different man is not easy. WITH YOUR $30, Gifts life will be made better.
 Toepista Nakirya is 11 yrs old and in primary 6. She is an orphan who lost both parents to an unknown sickness. She currently stays with a guardian who her self gets a meagre pay and can not sufficiently provide for Nakirya. Your support toward this little girlas education shall be higly appreciated.
 Edwin Muhulizi 12 is an orphan staying with his mother Rose Aroora who vends used clothes on the streets of Kampala. Currently, all street vendors in the city were asked to leave the street and this has affected Edwin's mother's income. Edwin has one sponsor enabling him access a better education. Your support towars Edwin's food, shelter and clothing with improve their living standard.
 Noeline Kabagonza 9 lives with her mother. She performs all the house chores as her mother goes to look for money to support the family, i remember one incident when a young man came knocking at my door past 1:00am one morning.
Dressed in a sleevless dress, feeling so cold, looking so pale and hungry was Noeline. Her mother had gone to look for money and hadnt come back till that time! and had locked the little girl out, any thing could have happened to her, she could have been abused, or even attacked by thugs, defiled or sacrifised!!! We thank God who led this good samaritan to her and brought her to a safe plae where she could get a snack to eat and a cup of tea to warm her up, and a place to rest her head to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gift Saki has a smile that could easily drawn you up! This little amazing lovely 10 year old was born with HIV, and is currently on drugs. She and three other siblings were born with the disease and have been living with their surviving mother, living and feeding from hand to mouth which affected their health.

Recently, a good samaritan picked Gift and is offering her good meals and care, and Comfort Africa offered to take care of her education needs. with $30, Gift can be transfered to a better school with better services.

Alot more of our children details are coming, we shall keep you posted. Good night/good morning for now

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  1. Great work over there, i sure will be part of the support team. May God richly bless the works of your hands. Bravo, Comfort Africa!